Are You Tired Of Being Held Back By Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm?

Discover a revolutionary new approach to Anxiety and finally find the freedom and peace you're looking for... 

It's a lot closer and involves a lot less work than you think!

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27 Nov  Wednesday 6.30 - 8pm  @ Lake Wanaka Centre

This FREE Seminar is for you if: 

  • Anxiety, panic, stress or overwhelm is limiting YOU, your life, your relationships, or your business  
  • You’re tired of the constant thoughts that are spinning around inside your head, waking you up at night, causing you stomach aches, indecision, fear and overwhelm.  
  • You‘re feeling alone & disconnected or emotionally overwhelmed  
  • Want to find out what’s really going on with your health. 


And this is for you if In-spite of trying EVERYTHING to change, reduce stress ect, nothing has given you the type of deep, lasting freedom and peace you were looking for  

Don't worry, it’s not your fault! 

You’ve been pointed in the wrong direction!

You don’t need hard work, more "efforting" to fix yourself, the right mind set, or behaviour strategy; You need to see the truth about how your mind works, the truth about WHO you really are AND understand the hidden cause of anxiety, panic, stress & overwhelm.  

What you'll learn:

  • The #1 misunderstanding that robs your daily calm, peace and confidence.  
  • Discover how to get out of the cycle of short term change that doesn't stick  
  • Learn the #1 nervous system regulation skill that will empower you to work directly with your body to support healing from the impact of chronic stress, overwhelm and trauma.

I've been in your shoes!

I had my own struggles with chronic anxiety for over a decade. It was the persistent kind that was always there, and I was so tired of it. I was living with a constant feeling of dread and unease, and it was exhausting! It robbed my energy and eroded my confidence. I felt I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere, which was frustrating and lonely.  

I tried many things from green smoothies to shamanic journeying and EVERYHING in-between, like talk therapy, supplements, physical therapy, detoxing, meditation & yoga. They all helped, but I secretly wondered if I would EVER be truly FREE of my suffering, but it was through this that I came to a profound spiritual understanding, and THAT changed EVERYTHING for me!  

It’s the basis of everything I teach. It’s the foundation for how I help people end their own pain and unnecessary worries. I now combine this understanding with simple nervous system regulation skills that empower you to work directly with your body to support healing from the impact of chronic stress, overwhelm and trauma, to make permanent and lasting change.

Join me for an entertaining and educational evening and learn about a revolutionary new way of looking at anxiety, panic, stress and overwhelm

Attend A FREE Seminar

Freedom From Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm

Time : 6:30 - 8pm

27 Nov  Wednesday  6:30-8pm @ Lake Wanaka Centre